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Shirley Nathan has been involved in ministry since her teen years and joyfully serves as the Co-Pastor of Faith Worship Center, Inc. alongside her husband, Bishop L. Nathan. A woman of excellence and a mother of three beautiful children, Pastor Nathan has functioned in various capacities of ministry throughout her life which has prepared her to lead God’s people and serve as a pillar of strength to her husband in the work of the Lord.

As a prolific speaker, she has the anointing to captivate her audience as she shares the wisdom of God’s word. Pastor Nathan preaches the unadulterated word of God without fear and deals with relevant issues that plague the body of Christ today. She facilitates various workshops and seminars throughout the year to aid in the spiritual development of the believer and propels their faith to another dimension in God.

Among the many God-given qualities that she possesses, her ministry of prayer is the most outstanding. As an intercessor, she touches the heart of God in prayer as she petitions him on behalf of the ministry and His people. Her philosophy is and will always remain, “God is still God; There is nothing too hard for Him to do.”

Pastor Nathan remains fully active in every area of ministry and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Women’s Ministry. Behind the scenes, she ensures that the ministry’s operations are at a standard well pleasing to God and that each assignment is carried out with a spirit of Excellency.

Pastor Nathan received her Bachelor’s in Mathematics and her Ms. Ed in Education from Adelphi University and currently teaches for the New York City Department of Education.

Prophetess Shirley Nathan

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